The Magicians Agency Vault

The hunt for the Magicians Agency vault code will take you to multiple locations on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Reuter building. Each answer will be a number or a set of numbers. Some answers will be right in front of you. Some you may need to research.

Once you have answered all the questions, type your answer into the “Password protected” box below to see if you can open the Vault for a chance to win a magic trick from our magic shop. GOOD LUCK!

Question 1 – Head to the third floor. Look for the framed playing card collection. How many Disney decks are there?

Question 2 – Opposite the restrooms you will find “The Magic room”. You will find multiple magicians on the walls. Find out who is Kellar’s successor . When was he born?

Question 3 – Head back up to the Theatre and look to the walls. How much does Harry Houdini offer the audience if they can find any trickery in his escapes?

Question 4 – While you are in the Theatre, count the number logs on the fireplace.

Question 5 – On which date in October did Harry Houdini Die.

Question 6 – Back down to the third floor. Add the number of rabbit stamps to the number of Illusions in the Museum.

Question 7 – How many brother were responsible for the creation of the Reuter building?

Once you have all your answers, enter them as one password. If you are correct you will be prompted to enter your name and email and we will enter you into a draw for a FREE magic trick from our shop.