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Keith Fields





Keith Fields is a man who wears many more hats than his signature bowler.  He is a magician, comedian, author, TV presenter, and speaker who grabs an audience from the get go – something you have to see to believe. His high energy style keeps any audience engaged and intrigued.


But he didn’t start at the top!  He started to learn his trade as a street entertainer in his home town of London, England.  He quickly established himself on the festival circuit in the UK and in 1988 was voted ‘Time Out International Street Entertainer of the Year’.  This award opened doors to headlining comedy clubs and theater tours.  He even ran his own Circus show for a season, let’s put it this way… Keith doesn’t like to stand still!

Keith Fields has completed over 20 tours entertaining British and American troops overseas.  He has performed on luxury cruise liners, and had a 3 year residency in a theater in Gatlinburg – one of the USA’s busiest vacation centers.

In the underground magic world (yes there is such a thing) Keith Fields is known as one of the guys at the cutting edge of magic.  He lectures to thousands of magicians every year, at international conventions, speaking on new innovations in the magic world, performance techniques, comedy writing and sharing his new magical inventions.