“A Pinch of Pepper”. Stories, effects and advice from a family friendly magician.


PDF book with video links.



Last year I finished my first book “A pinch of Pepper”. It is a combination of stories, effects and advice on being a family friendly magician in the UK and USA.
I am offering the E book at a discounted rate of $10 to raise funds while the Magic theatre is closed.

The book contains valuable insights into the world of family entertainment and fun stories from life on the road and at sea.

There are also 5 solid magic effects featured in the book that I have used throughout the years on cruise ships, at the Magic Castle and at my own magic theatre.

* Pepper for lunch: A version of mental epic that can be done with objects found at a supermarket. 3 predictions are made and sealed in numbered envelopes. The predictions match the words or numbers said by the audience.

* Breakfast Pepper: A part visual part prediction routine where a chosen cereal is revealed inside a cereal box. Then for the kicker, milk is poured from the same box.

* Pepper’s choice: A compact and clean way to force any celebrity, word, animal or anything you can imagine using a sketch pad.

* The Marshmallow routine: This has been one of the highlights of my show for many years. Audiences always seem to remember this effect. I explain the whole routine in detail and how to make it an essential part of your family show.

Other subject covered in the book:

* Performing for Disney Cruise line

* Creating a family show

* Opening and running a Magic Theatre

* Choosing the right material and equipment

* Visuals vs amazement vs entertainment